The Hillsborough, NJ Jr Raiders offers organized youth activities in tackle football, flag football, cheerleading, track & field and girls lacrosse and field hockey.

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Work Bond Duties

All of these jobs are REALLY easy!


Clock-Operator (bring your own chair): You will be pressing start and stop on a kitchen timer  THE COACHES WILL GUIDE YOU WITH THIS

                             >Will work alongside scorekeeper at mid-field table. The coaches & officials will direct you if there is a 

                              stop clock other than half-time
                             >The length of a game is 40 minutes, played in 20-minute halves. This may be extended to 25-minute

                               halves by mutual consent of coaches and officials.

                             >Play is based on a running clock (non-stop); with the clock being stopped for recognized coach’s and

                               official’s and  timeouts.

                             >One 1-minute time-out is allowed per team per half. A team does not need possession of the ball to call

                               a time-out. The time-out, however will not begin until recognized by the official at a point when the ball

                               is out of play. Any time-out not used is lost when the half expires.

                             >A 10-minute half time is allowed between halves. This may be shortened by mutual consent of coaches

                               and officials.

                             >In the event of a tie score at the end of regular play, the game will end a tie. No overtime periods will be

                               played to break a tie score.

Score-Keeper (bring your own chair): You will flip the scoreboard from one number to the next when a team scores  THE COACHES AND REFS WILL GUIDE YOU WITH THIS

                             >Will work alongside clock-operator to keep score for both teams. If you have a question if a point was

                                scored, as the official or home coaches.

                             >A goal is scored when the entire ball passes completely over the goal line between the goal posts.

                             >All shots on goal must be taken from inside the striking circle, or on the circle line. If the ball is

                               delivered in the direction of the goal from outside the circle, and is deflected into the goal by a

                               defender’s body or stick or goal post, no goal is scored. If the ball is knocked into the goal from within

                               the circle or on the circle line, by a defensive player’s body or stick or goal post deflection, it is a

                               legal goal.

Field Setup:

                             > Get benches, table, scoreboard and timer from deck box under the tree (coach will open for you).

                                Set up benches & scorekeeper table with scoreboard & timer (coaches will open job box near parking

                                lot for you) on either 2/4 field (two) or 5/6 Field 2 (two) whichever the coach tells you.


Field Breakdown:

                               > With help of scorekeeper and clock-operator, will put benches, table, timer, scoreboard & field signs

                                   back into the job box.

                                > Will pick up any balls or equipment that has been left on the field. Coach will

                                   lock job box and deck box.

                                > Ensure that our fields are clean of trash after the game.

Ice Parent:

                                > Bring a small beverage cooler (beverage cooler example) of ice and ziplock bags to the game. The ice

                                   must remain at the field for the entire game.

Trainer:                  > Must be a designated Jr Raiders First Aid Responder.  If you would like to become a trainer, please

                                   contact Ronn Seamon

Apparel Sales & Uniform Handout:

                               > Will be given a price sheet and Jr Raiders ipad to sell apparel and accessories (socks, headbands,

                                  goggle straps)

                               > Will be given pre-packaged, ordered uniforms for distribution.

Trainers: Red AED bag in Black Job Box on field next to parking lot. Ice Parent is assigned at each game. First aid kit is in the Job Box as well as with each coaching team. 



Thanks for helping to make this program great!!